Nylons Rock

Nylons Rock 🎸

Addicted to pantyhose, intervention needed.



Lady S. began her entertainment career as a writer and poet at the age of 18.  The spoken and written word took her places she had never been before but she still needed more.

A new adventure proved to be a smart one as she became certified in not one but five specialties within the fitness industry.  Having these certifications under her belt gave her the credentials to educate the population about fitness and lifestyle management, a topic each and every one of us is forced to confront during our lives.


To enhance her own fitness routine she decided to take on Pole Dancing as it required intense upper body and core strength that would help her reach her ever changing fitness goals.  On top of the brute strength of this workout it taught her about sensuality, femininity and body awareness and she couldn’t get enough of it.


With this new found confidence and hard body she approached the model industry in strife and has worked photo shoots, trade shows and events as a freelance promotional model ever since.


This Model and Pole Performing experience urged her to pass on the mind/body benefits of executing tricks, spins and slides to others.  Teaching them this fine art was next on her list.  Suba, Norma Jeans, Smiling Buddha, Annex Wreck Room, Hard Rock Café, 2008 Everything to do with Sex show all gave her the chance to host and/or perform/instruct as a Poler.

Now will you give her that same chance?


Benefits of Pole Performing/Instructing at your Venue:


  • Use Pole parties to entice your clientele to visit your venue on nights that are slow

  • Draw a large, curious crowd (both men and women) with sensual and impressively acrobatic entertainment

  • Provide a safe environment for your clientele to try something new and exciting, in turn telling others about it

  • Promote your Venue with this unique, alternative and sexy style of dance – no other place will throw a party like this




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